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We know you’ve got what it takes to build an incredible business.

One that aligns with your values and pads your pocketbook.  Something you can be proud of.

We want to help you achieve that.

You’re a dreamer and an innovator with the drive and passion to succeed. You just need the tools and know-how to make it happen.

When you join Get Launched! not only will you get access to high-level education on the essential skills needed to elevate your business, you’ll also be getting guidance from industry experts and your own personal cheerleading team.

Module 1: Building your Foundation

Setting up your Business in Canada

  • How to set up your business
  • Bookkeeping things you need to function
  • Business expenses in detail
  • Bookkeeping basics
  • Reports & Financial Docs
Module 2: Planning & Mapping

Plotting the course to profit

  • Creating a killer offer
  • Competitor analysis
  • Defining your brand story
  • Crafting your actually unique USP
  • Systems to keep you on track
Module 3: Content & Design

The answer to "What do I write?" and "How do I create that?"

  • How to find ideas
  • Writing compelling content
  • Creating visual assets quickly and easily
  • Staying “on brand”
  • How to use Canva effectively
Module 4: Winning Websites

How to turn your website into a sales-converting powerhouse

  • Anatomy of a high-converting site
  • “Popular” features that should be avoided
  • Basic SEO strategies & optimization tactics
  • Tracking & analytics
  • Essential policies & data safety
Module 5: Automation & Email

How to free up your time while still making sales

  • Funnel basics
  • Email & autoresponders
  • List building strategies
  • Core email sequences
  • How to not be a spammer
Module 6: Marketing Mastery

How to promote your business without compromising your ethics - or sanity

  • Creating a perfect-for-you strategy
  • Core marketing principles
  • Determining profitable tactics
  • Social selling
  • Key metrics
Total value of the core program:  $4,999

We’ve packed a TONNE of valuable info and actionable strategy into this program, but really want to make sure you’re 100% set-up to blast your business into the stratosphere, so we’ve also included these bonuses:

Premiums & Bonuses

Bonus Module:

How to work through your own fears and mindset issues

Running a biz has challenges, and we’re going to share what we’ve learned on getting over your fears, defeating perfectionism, increasing your confidence, and getting out of your own damn way.

Value: $1,499

A TONNE of Downloadables

Templates, worksheets, mini-courses, and frameworks

Each presenter has a feast of bonuses to help put you on the path to immediate success.  From worksheets to templates, and everything in between, you’ll have everything you need to get to your goals quickly.

Value: $4,000+

Weekly Q&A

Group Coaching Calls

We 100% want to see you succeed. Join us live every week for a Q&A session and group coaching call so we can answer your questions and provide guidance, clarity, and motivation to keep striving towards your goals. 

Value: $2,499


Get Launched! Community

Lifetime access to a community of kind, non-competitive, supportive, and like-minded individuals who just get what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. 

Value: Priceless


$1,499 CAD